Annual Global Land Cover

Data Type: Land cover / land use
Spatial Resolution: 100m
Source: Copernicus Global Land Service (CGLS)
Publication Date: 2020
Urban Applicability: Good

A set of land cover datasets—updated annually—which includes: 1) global land cover categorized into 23 classes, 2) Fractional cover of 10 different land covers, expressed as a percent of cover and 3) land cover change from a 2015 baseline.

Note:  Urban areas are generalized in a single class which covers “Land covered by buildings and other manmade structures”. In the land use change layer, urbanization is broken into three categories: “urbanization”, “deforestation and urbanization”, and “wetland degradation and urbanization.”

How to access: 

Downloadable as 20 x 20 degree raster (TIFF) tiles.