How to Use This Toolkit

The Making Nature’s City Toolkit distills the fundamental elements that support urban biodiversity and translates the science-based framework into actionable strategies. The toolkit will walk you through the fundamental approach that cities around the world can use to apply the Making Nature’s City framework.

Toolkit Components

Elements and Actions

Making Nature’s City synthesizes global research into a science-based approach for supporting nature in cities. The framework identifies seven elements that work together to maximize biodiversity. 

With this toolkit, you can learn about the seven elements of the urban biodiversity and types of actions that residents, organizations, and city agencies can take to support urban nature.


Precedents offer a high-level view of what other cities are doing to support urban ecosystems. By sharing case studies from around the world, the list of precedents demonstrates how scientific concepts and local expertise can be applied to support nature in your city.

Here you can search our curated list of urban biodiversity projects and plans from around the world.

Analyze Your City

As a city or community considers supporting urban biodiversity, a fundamental first step is to conduct spatial analyses for each of the seven elements. The resulting insights can guide the development of a biodiversity plan, where the city identifies opportunities and prioritizes interventions that will generate meaningful outcomes for the region’s urban biodiversity.

This toolkit compiles a robust list of analyses, datasets, and databases that you can use to identify urban biodiversity opportunities and strategies.