Bay View

Mountain View, California, USA

The Bay View project is one of several recent ecological improvements at Google’s Mountain View campus. The 12 acres of new habitat patch created at this site includes four new habitat types: oak woodland and savanna, wetland, riparian woodland, and native grassland. The site includes 2 acres of ponds, 1.2 acres of wetlands, and 0.15 acres of bioretention swales, providing a key natural element for wildlife while collecting water for reuse. Incorporated into the site are 135 native trees of 5 species, including 84 native oaks. The 88 California native plant species used in the landscaping support birds and other wildlife and are known to host at least 26 locally native butterflies and moths.

Learn more about this project here.

Key Elements: Patch Size, Matrix Quality, Habitat Diversity, Special Resources